11 December 2008

Someone doesn't care for Beer Advocate..........

I normally try not to take sides in the wonderful "turf wars" of online beer reporting/rating/blogging. I have enough trouble keeping up with my own stuff to pay attention to the other stuff out there.

But on one of my online beer lists today, someone posted the following in reference to Beer Advocate and the related website:
With all due respect, the Alstroms are very bad for craft beer and, as
such, their website must be removed from any list of credible sources
of beery info.
Okay: HUH?

Discuss, if you care.


BeerGuy said...

What was their reasoning?

Alexander D. Mitchell IV said...

The comment was reprinted in its entirity. I personally suspect that the nay-saying is wrapped around the same "ratings hype" as Robert Parker is accused of for the wine industry. Do I need to elaborate on that syndrome?

BeerGuy said...

Nah thats alright.

The complaint comes across more than a little prissy. Like anything successful BA deserves some criticism. I'm appreciative that they have a ratings and review system. Perhaps its overly influential but most independent beer drinkers learn to develop their own tastes and gravitate to their interest and not those set forth by the BA readership.

I certainly could care less for all but a few Russian Imperial Stouts, but those dominate the rankings. Its frustrating but also not worth calling BA a scourge for it.

Chodite said...

Did Hugh Sisson from Clipper City write that? ;)

His beers have been getting pummeled lately on that site. And rightfully so. His so-called stout is hardly a stout and the rest of their lineup has a lonnnnng way to go.

Alexander D. Mitchell IV said...

If Hugh Sisson wrote that e-mail, he's using multiple personalities/identities online. Methinks not.

You are calling Heavy Seas Peg Leg (I assume) "hardly a stout"? Here, let me pour you the world's best selling stout, Guinness draught, and tell me what you REALLY think. Or Murphy's. Is Peg Leg a good stout? Hell, yes. Are there better stouts out there? Depends what you're looking for in a stout. Do we want to compare it to Guinness, Fordham Blue Point Oyster Stout, North Coast Old No. 45, Brooklyn Black Chocolate, or Stone 12th Anniversary?

It's not ALWAYS about abusing the tongue and body with as much IBU's, black patent malt, or alcohol as the bottle will hold, folks.

Chodite said...

Good points Alex. And I hate to completely dump on Clipper City's beers, because they've been my go-to for years now. But as of late, I've been spoiled by some amazing stouts (Stone's R.I.S., Brooklyn's Black Chocolate Stout, Old Rasputin, etc.) and when going from those great examples to something like Peg Leg, you feel let down. But like you said, not every beer/stout needs to abuse the senses and some do have their place.

beer news said...

Funny, a search for "are very bad for craft beer" yields only this site in Google Search Results. Perhaps the comment was taken down?

Alexander D. Mitchell IV said...

Not applicable. It was on a private group E-mail list, and it's not going to show up in any internet search that I can envision.