08 May 2012

Poll: Should Md. Grocery Stores Be Allowed To Sell Beer/Wine/Liquor?

Columbia Patch has an online poll following up on a Baltimore Sun article on Saturday.

They need more than 41 opinions, if you ask me.  And they go beyond a simple yes/no choice, so kudos to them.  Go and have a look.

The Sun article goes into the several actions that have been used to "do an end run" around chain ownership of liquor stores in Maryland, including the linked Whole Foods/Bin 604 in Harbor East and the Harris Teeter/Cellars in Locust Point.

Go voice your opinion.

1 comment:

JohnM. said...

I loved this comment from Chris E. in the comment section:

"If the grocery stores start selling alcohol it will put the local liquor stores out of business."

That's right Chris... just like they have in every other state where it's allowed.... Oh wait!