05 October 2012

Baltimore Beer Week: Start Your Planning NOW!

The press deadline has passed for the printing of the guide booklets for Baltimore Beer Week, and the event count for the week has hit 379, according to the BBW website.

As with every such Beer Week, too much happens at the same time.  Anyone wanting to see certain people, drink certain beers, or partake of certain events will have to plan with their running shoes, their transit passes, their parking spots, and whatnot.  Go through each date at the menu bar at the top of the page linked above and start your strategy sheets, if you're that diehard.

Events with distinct sell-out probability include the beer dinners, the Opening Tap at the Power Plant Live, The Brewers Hill "A Bar On Every Corner" History Tour, and the The Chesapeake Real Ale Festival, for which advance tickets are already available.

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