30 July 2009

But What Beer SHOULD Obama, Gates, and Crowley Be Drinking?

From Slate.com last night:

When Obama announced that he would have a Budweiser on Thursday night, it suggested he was going for the most regular-guy brand he could find. (It sells for about $6.50 for a six-pack.) But it turns out that the cop likes the same kind of fancy beer the professor does: He's having a Blue Moon, a Belgian-Style witbier ($7 to $9 a six-pack), while Gates is having a Red Stripe ($7) or Becks ($8). Upon this affinity for upmarket beers may be built a towering reconciliation.

Much more analysis at the link.

But come on. We can have some fun with this.

I want suggestions of beers that SHOULD be drunk by the respective photo-op whor--I mean, invited guests at the White House. Pick sarcastic, biting commentary in the beer names.

Gates: Black Sheep? Sisson's had a Wise Guy Weissbier ages ago...... Shepherd Neame Spitfire?
Crowley: Anyone got a police-themed beer other than Great Lakes' The Eliot Ness?
Obama: Of course, everyone's mentioning Avery Brewing's "Collaboration Not Litigation" beer, but can't we do better than this? Isn't there, for want of a better way to phrase it, a "Kumbaya" beer or something?

Suggestions/entries solicited. Any that really get me laughing or shouting in agreement win a prize TBA.

UPDATE: Bruce Elliott of WBAL Radio: "What, can't they even agree on one beer to share?"

MORE: It seems like everyone's got a comment on this overwrought issue. Brewers. Full-of-itself NPR. DC City Paper blog. Jim Koch of Sam Adams via NPR again.


The Oriole Way said...

If only Joe Biden were involved, a Clipper City Heavy Seas Loose Cannon would surely be appropriate.

BaltimoreMan said...

Hasd a Kuhnhenn Brewing Confusion Double IPA, this past weekend at the Michigan Brewers Guild Summer Beer Festival. I think it was a Double Confusion in the events that lead up to the arrest.

Chodite said...

Avery's "Ale to the Chief" for the Prez. A delicious (and American-owned!) double IPA.

Keith said...

Maybe Old Knucklehead? Not sure if that is more fitting for Gates or the cop.

Alexander D. Mitchell IV said...

Well, it turns out Joe Biden WAS there. But you're hardly the first to suggest the Biden/Loose Cannon idea, Oriole Way.