11 August 2011

SPBW Bus Brewery Crawl through Delaware this Saturday

There are a handful of seats left for Saturday's coach trip to Delaware breweries (Stewart's of Bear, Fordham/Old Dominion of Dover, Dogfish Head's Milton plant and treehouse, and Evolution of Delmar). Visit www.SPBW.org for details.


Andrew said...

Did 16 Mile Brewery go out of business?

Alexander D. Mitchell IV said...

Certainly not. Having actually hashed out the options for this Delaware junket with the planners over a couple pints during the earliest planning stages, I'm willing to guess that 16 Mile just got pruned on the basis of "too much beer, too little time." After all, Iron Hill, with two outlets near Stewart's and a few firkins in its past, also didn't make the cut; nor did somewhat-out-of-the-way Eastern Shore Brewing in St. Michaels.