28 March 2012

Yeah, National Premium's coming back.....

It's not like I have to help them with their marketing and promotion, after all. They seem to be doing quite well with that on their own.

So, let's see.  A 2012 reinterpretation of yet another mass-market, industrially-produced North American lager with a brand name tied to a local scene.  Something that, from all appearances, will be competing for market share with "Natty Boh," Pabst Blue Ribbon, Yuengling, and all the craft beers out there, for which the major market will apparently be nostalgic 50+-year-olds and methodologically ironic hipsters.

Yeah, I don't think they need my help.


JohnM. said...

Yep, you know this 50+ year old hipster is just dying for his first glass of National Premium macro swill. Right about the time hell freezes over I think will be the best time to belly up to the bar for a cold one.

At the risk of sounding completely cynical, does this make any sense at all? Current trends in beer consumption seem to suggest that consumers are moving away from mass produced swill, and increasingly are consuming craft beer, energy drinks, etc. The one area of the macro swill market that seems at least somewhat robust is the lite beer market, and once again, this stuff does not appear to qualify.

Maybe I've completely misjudged the market (wouldn't be the first time), but do the makers of this stuff really think there are going to be THAT many folks drinking this crap, just because it will (supposedly) give them a warm and fuzzy feeling about drinking a local product? I assume the answer must be yes, even though that just sounds like a recipe for disaster.

Anonymous said...

A desperate money grab from Jim Lutz over at Coastal Brewing Co. (Old Dominion / Fordham) in Dover, DE plus shitty low-end ingredients from In-Bev/Anheuser (co-owners of Coastal Brewing Co.) plus a dreadful marketing idea = ??

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing the article, it was very curios to read it. Certainly, they don't need any help and are perfectly fine on their own, but I still have to admit the beer itself is just delicious.