10 March 2008

Moylan's Moylander Double IPA Ale

Hey, I bought it in Baltimore. Well, suburban Baltimore. So it counts. And the redundancy is Moylan's, not mine. This Novato, California brewery's products were long available in the East only at the Brickskeller, where years ago I was captivated by the super-concentrated, sweet Scottish ales and barleywines. Now I'm trying a "bomber" (22-oz. bottle) of a style I should know better about, not being a hop-head.

Label says 8.5%. Golden, bright, rich head, supremely leafy hop nose. Okay, who ordered the hop extract? There is little here but hops, hops, and more hops. Bitter, bitter, bitter all across the tongue. There's a decent malt backbone giving this basic structure, but it's still a vessel for hop tea. This almost hurts the glands in the back of the throat to drink. I find myself pouring the second half into a flip-top for future enjoyment/punishment, and wanting to scrub the hop fuzz off my tongue--or maybe harvest it for future brews?

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