13 September 2008

Max's German Fest, Part Zwei

Walked in at 1:30 pm. Already gone: Weltenburg's Hefeweizen Hell and Barbock Hell, and before my eyes someone kills off the Uerige Dopple Sticke firkin, with the Reissdorf Kolsch firkin dying minutes later. (As always, because of varying keg sizes, the speed with which a keg is kicked isn't necessarily reflective of a beer's popularity. >:-) )

Next to fall: Bahnhof Berliner-Style Weise, an odd duck as the lightest beer by far here @ 3.1%. Dang, that was next on my "to-do" list.

I'm sipping my way through the Schlenkera Rauchbiers after a stupendous Weltenburg Wintertraum. The Wurst Platter is back up to full strength after an emergency resupply. Highly recommended.

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quill said...

You were at the Eastern Shore Brewing Company in St. Michael's on Maryland's Eastern Shore recently. What did you think of their beers?