26 January 2010

ReasonTV: Virginia is For (Liquor) Lovers!

Reason TV interviews Virginia's newly-elected Republican governor, Bob McDonnell, on his proposals to dismantle the commonwealth's ABC liquor store system, similar to Pennsylvania's:

Anyone care to predict his success?
(Tip o' the hat: Instapundit.)

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The Oriole Way said...

I've never lived in Pennsylvania, but based on my friends' characterizations, the liquor laws in Virginia have little in common with Pennsylvania. In Virginia, one can purchase beer and wine between 7:00 AM and midnight at virtually any store: grocery stores, big box retailers, convenience stores, etc. Liquor and spirits are sold at state owned (or at least controlled) "ABC Stores." This is the only place you can buy liquor, they require two forms of identification, and the stores are not open on Sundays. Virginia's laws are more progressive than Maryland's when it comes to beer and wine, but more restrictive where hard alcohol is concerned. I think one can reasonably make a case that their system is an acceptable compromise.