02 July 2012

Meanwhile, up in York.....

Baltimore isn't the only place where craft brewing is bucking the national economic trends.  It's even happening across the Mason-Dixon Line, in a state with a liquor control board still stuck in a neo-Prohibition mindset, retail-wise.

First, a new bar, the Holy Hound Taproom, with 30 draft lines, opens today in downtown York, within an easy walk or stumble from the Mudhook Brewing brewpub and the Liquid Hero brewery/bar.

Then, only two blocks to the north and west, a project named Crystal Ball Brewing is being planned for a former steam plant at Pershing Avenue and Philadelphia Street/Lincoln Highway.  (Pershing Avenue still has railroad rails, like Fells Point's tracked streets, which carried freight and passenger trains between Baltimore, York and Harrisburg until 1971.)

So now I have even more reason to stop off in York when headed north....   hmmmmm.

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RevChris01 said...

There is also Beer Monger coming soon to York:

Hopefully one, if not both of these places will also serve South County beer from Fawn Grove, PA (which is 2 mins from my house). If you're ever up this way, let me know and I'll buy you a South County at their brewery.

Both Mudhook and Liquid Hero have some pretty good beers.

Thanks for highlighting York!!!