04 March 2008

Fordhan Fleet Wheat Weizenbock

I'd throw you a photo or pinch a logo or label from the Fordham website, but the Fordham Brewing website disavows knowledge of this or their earlier Scotch Ale, so........

Draft pour, very muddy light-to-medium brown, good head retention, classic banana-clove nose, Max's Taphouse beer menu says 7.5%.......... the classic banana-clove-caramel-milkshake flavor, but just a little thin on body and mouthfeel, seemingly because it's a bit too sweet for my liking (if this were a homebrew, I'd say a touch underattenuated or green. Certainly not a bad effort at all; I think a wee bit of bottle/keg conditioning would help it along.


betsy said...

."..the classic banana-clove-caramel-milkshake flavor..."

You're kidding.

You are kidding, aren't you?


Alexander D. Mitchell IV said...

Spoken by someone who has obviously never enjoyed a well-crafted hefeweizen or weizenbock before............

Yes, yes. The stronger, more "charismatic" weizens (German-styled wheat beers, to you uninitiated beer guzzlers) usually have as their characteristic flavor profiles a yeasty flavor that is very reminiscent of bananas laced with hints of cloves, and in extreme cases can be called a "banana-clove milkshake" in flavor, especially if the beer in question is rich in residual sweetness.

Remind me to bring one by sometime. (Dammit, now I'm "jonesing" for a hefe from Oak Creek in Sedona, Arizona......)