19 March 2008

Hoppy Otter!

So I'm an otter fan. Not the beers, the animals. It comes from a succession of girlfriends comparing my characteristics to an otter--hyper, frisky, fun-loving, frolicking, swimming, etc.

So what hope do I have against a bottle from the Otter Brewery of Devon, England? Especially Hoppy Otter? A 6.8% IPA, 500ml bottle. Bright amber, med. head retention, a nose somewhere between grassy, piney, and malty. This will disappoint many an IPA fan, but I like it--it turns out to be a blend of barley, wheat, oats, rye, and spelt (!) and five of the Pacific Northwest's "most citrus-flavoured, aromatic whole cone hops". It's a malty beer with lots of piney balance, not so much grapefruit in this.

And what did I preface this with? A nice Otter Creek Kolsch Spring Ale (hey, that's what the tap handle says), tonight's "Pinch the Glass" special: nice light ale, very much reminding us that spring and lighter beers are around the corner. Am I perverse for wanting lamb with this?

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