22 April 2008

The Case Against Pa.'s Liquor Control Board

I'm a Pennsylvania native. When folks asked why I moved to Maryland years ago, one of my standard jokes was that I was getting away from Pennsylvania's Liquor Control Board and its antiquated business models--beers only available by cases from mostly dusty and seedy-feeling "distributors," a bureaucratic and monopolistic State Store system, etc. I despised the fact that, to get a decent beer selection, I had to drive to visit my friends in Delaware and then duck across the state line to State Line Liquors in Maryland, then technically break the law by driving home with "foreign" beers. In a case of bitter irony, though, one of the best brewpubs in the nation (in my opinion and several others') opened in my hometown several years after my departure.

Well, fellow beer writer/blogger Lew Bryson is now so fed up with the PLCB that he went this far.

A stand-alone blog attacking the PLCB.

Up and at 'em, Lew.

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