22 April 2008

City Paper Brew Fest

The 12th annual City Paper Brew Fest is this Saturday. It really needs no plug from me; it usually manages to sell out absent anything but a monsoon, and last year the line for admission to the fest wrapped completely AROUND the entire Broadway square at Fells Point. In spite of advance ticket sales.

One brewery on the list (see ad at link above) that's still an enigma for us: St. George Brewing of Hampton, Va., which despite being around since 1998 has yet to make any inroads into the Baltimore or Maryland market that I can tell, in spite of also being present at last year's City Paper fest.

I always liked the mysterious-looking, vaguely Aztec-like bird that is part of the promotional graphics. But of course, the obvious question: Given that the City Paper runs Tony Millionaire's "Maakies," wouldn't Drinky Crow (above) be a better mascot?

Okay, maybe not.

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