24 April 2008

Mixing Politics and Beer: Is There ANY Hope?

Lew Bryson's comments on the Pennsylvania primary and some beer images that popped up as a result (primarily Barack Obama quaffing an ESB sample at Bethlehem Brew Works) and the hubbub that erupted in the blogosphere at Hillary Clinton supposedly partaking of a Canadian whiskey in a photo op (instead of, say, a Kentucky or Tennessee whiskey) leads me to a somewhat obvious conclusion:

Is there really ANY booze of any kind that a presidential candidate could consume that would have nothing but a positive connotation, or at least that some twit couldn't twist or misconstrue in some fashion?

Frankly, I think Obama's photo op is about as close to "safe" as someone can come: Let's see, locally-made beverage, "working man's drink," no packaging means it's a "green" choice...... but maybe it's a non-union shop, or BBW doesn't compost their wastes, or.......

Supposedly Ms. Clinton was reported in the Philly Inquirer as being fond of Blue Moon with a slice of orange. Throw aside all the implications of "chick beer" that screams...... a Coors product, from a company run by a very ardent Republican supporter? I'm surprised that the Democratic blogosphere hasn't crucified her already (or maybe they have and I just don't pay attention to them).

But seriously, what else? Are any of us still boycotting the French because of the whole lead-up-to-Iraq thing? (I know at least one bloke that is--in more serious economic terms than just not buying a beer or wine.) Drinking at all--does that turn off the Bible-thumpers or the MADD/AA crowd? (Being a supposed teetotaler hasn't apparently hurt Bush 43 in any way that I can see.) And we're still suffering the long-term ratifications of Jimmy Carter's brother: "I have this six-pack of Billy Beer in unopened mint condition, how much is it worth?" What if a candidate ate sushi and drank sake?

German beer: Might offend those few Jews that might prove said brewery was a participant in Nazi horrors decades ago. Japanese beer/sake: ticks off Pacific WW2 vets or those carmakers displaced by Japanese carmaker successes. South African wines: will probably cheese off African-American activists, even if for no good reason. Tequila, vodka, rum, or any spirits? Probably "corrupting our youth as a bad influence."

Looks like the only choice is to go to a brewpub. That, or very local wine.

Got a better answer?

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