13 January 2009

Anyone here on Beer Advocate?

I just received an e-mail asking for help from The Wharf Rat-Camden Yards. I'll give you an edited version:

"That stupid Beer Advocate website has listed us as closed and our beers "retired"?!?!?"

I've never gotten my registration with BA to work, and with what I can see with "public" access, the Camden Yards location isn't shown as part of Baltimore's beer guide.



Chodite said...

It does have "Closed" on their BA page:

And on their main page, it has all of their "active" beers and no "retired" tag... but when you do a simple search for "Wharf Rat", you do see lots of retired brews:

Hope this helps.

Scott said...

I'm a BA member and help with site regarding the DC/VA/MD area. I'll see what I can do to get the Camden Yards location back on line.


I've submitted a correction to the BeerAdvocate site via the "Report an Update" form on the Wharf Rat Brewpub page. And I posted a reply to Jason Alstrom via Twitter:

@BeerAdvocate Wharf Rat Brewpub in Baltimore MD is open and thriving. BeerAdvocate.com says it's closed. Not true! http://tinyurl.com/a2c3yc

Scott said...

Quick question. Are they still brewing on site or have the moved the brewing ops off-site?

Scott said...

I've updated the listing on BA. Its back on line.



BeeerAdvocate is now listing Wharf Rat on Pratt as open.

Alexander D. Mitchell IV said...

To answer Scott, still brewing on site, and actually planning to increase capacity there slightly--as of yet, any thoughts of moving production off-site have to begin anew with the new owners (see Mid-Atlantic Brewing News).......