02 January 2009

Blob's Park Glass Giveaway!

To celebrate the re-opening of Blob's Park in Jessup, I am offering to the readers of this blog FREE* Blob's Park glassware, through the kind courtesy of Blob's Park owner Max Eggerl.

I am offering six stemmed vintage Blob's Park glasses made by Rastal in "West Germany," one per reader/respondent. These are the glasses the old Blob's Park used before closing New Year's Eve 2008, and which the current management is replacing with more standard glassware. These glasses hold 8 ounces with a thin head. Other glasses from this case are being passed on to appropriate breweriana collections as I see fit--one now sits on the shelves above the bar at The Brewer's Art, for example (I've lost count, but that may be the fourth or fifth glass they've gotten from me over the years).

I'm not sure exactly just how I'm going to decide who gets these glasses, so I'm just going to put this out there. Tell me, in a fairly concise fashion in the comments below, exactly why I should give you one of these pieces of Maryland breweriana. I've been trying to think of a fair system for two or three weeks now, and I can't come up with one. So talk to me and my readers. Make your case. I will select six winners from the answers I get and award them each one glass.

*DISCLAIMER: Glass provided free, sans contents, IN PERSON at any Baltimore-region event, bar, or venue of mutual satisfaction to both winner and blogger, or other location that blogger agrees to. Any shipping and handling will be at the expense of recipient or his/her agent. Yes, this means if you have a "Blob's Park Brewpub" in Japan, you can talk your way into my giving you a glass, but you pay for the shipping. Offer expires when blogger runs out of glasses and/or patience. All decisions are at the blogger's whim and discretion, and are final. Offer void where prohibited. Close cover before striking. This bag is not a toy. Some settling may occur. Cape does not enable wearer to fly. Your mileage may vary.


Chris said...

Hey, I'd love one of these. The only case I can make is that I'm a fellow beer blogger in the area. Choose me, choose me!

Paul Capestany said...

Ooo, those are pretty nifty. I'd take one (or two).. I'm trying to grow my beer glass collection.

Chodite said...

Ooh nice!

Hmm, reason why I might deserve one.
Because I spent 5 hours at Max's Taphouse on Friday, drinking some amazing brews. But the reason why I think that's deserving - I planned the trip with my wife a week in advance (we have a newborn) and basically treated it like a vacation.

A vacation by myself, but one of the best vacations in recent memory.

earthtogod said...

I would love to have one of these. January 2 was my 45th birthday, when you posted this notice, and a Blobs park glass would be the best Baltimore gift. What a great place!


scott said...

I'm going to play the sympathy card cause I can! I was laid off just before the holiday and I am still looking for a job. Some new glasses would surely cheer me up during my long lonely days.

Kevin said...

Hi I am a collections of glasses the total I have is well over 1200 all different. Living on a small island like i do the opportunity of adding to my collection is very limited (The Isle of Man is only 30x20 miles) I would love to obtain one of your glasses

Ginny Ross Ventura said...

Hi there -
Well, I would like to get a glass or two and here's why I think I'm worthy: I used to go to Blob's Park with a youth group when I was a teenager - I'm 42 now so that tells you how long ago it was! We would pack cars with teenagers and one or two "adult" chaperones and head up to Blob's on a weekend to Polka (we were just outside of DC in suburban MD, so it was a small hike). I have many fond memories of being there - waiting for each dance to start and swinging and laughing. It was a great and well, wholesome, way to spend time. We'd watch the adults having beer, and well. . . I don't even know what we drank - probably Cokes. I will always have those wonderful memories and it would be great to have a little souvenir to show for it.

Viraj said...

doh, I knew I shouldn't have stopped reading while on vacation :(

I assume the give away is gone?

BTW, I did put a link to your blog on the Max's website :)


Bonnie said...

My Mom & Dad would take me to Bob's Park every Sunday from the time that I was 6 years old. On one of those Sundays as we were leaving the parking lot I heard a kitten crying that was stuck in a tree. My Dad rescued the kitten and my Parents agreed to let me take the kitten home with me. My earliest vivid childhood memory is riding in the back of my Dad's "53 Hudson Hornet, sitting on the armrest, with that kitten in my lap. That kitten and I would spend the next 17 years together.

Later this month my Mom & Dad & I will be returning to Blob's Park to celebrate my Parents' 62ND wedding anniversary. Over the years Blob's Park has provided our family with many happy memories.

I would love to have 2 of the glasses to present to my Parents at their party.

grammyo said...

WOW...what a wonderful surprise. I was just surfing around and came across something about Blob's Park. I immediately mentally went back to 1948 when my mom and dad celebrated their 25th anniversary at the original Blob's building. We spent many happy weekends there and was saddened when we heard that Blob's was closing. I am now 85 and hope to get back to MD and dance at Blob's once more.