14 October 2009

Last Night's Fun, and Tonight's Fun

Cape Ann Pumpkin Stout tapped at Max's.  Yes, they hollowed out a pumpkin, tapped it, and then filled it with Cape Ann Pumpkin Stout from the tap, and the first three servings were in mini pumpkins hollowed out as cups!  They also had an oddball 9%, draft-at-the-brewpub-only Fisherman's Tea Party Barleywine, made with three kinds of tea (and the brewer, T.J. Peckham, was shocked--shocked--at my ability to discern two of the three teas by flavor alone!), and their 7% Navigator Dopplebock.  Details on the beers here.  The Tea Party (no politics intended) has an oddly herbal character, much akin to a strong-ale version of Fraoch Heather Ale or other "ancient recipe" beers of that ilk.  Part of the reason--the teas involved include heavily-smoked Lapsang Souchang and unsmoked Oolong, as well as a green tea (I'm guessing semi-green Darjeeling, but even the brewer has forgotten by now).

For the record, Max's is keeping many lines free in order to add new special-feature beers throughout this week.  In all probability, most of the beers you see being featured will be on for a week or so after the 18th.

I then popped around to the beer-trivia night at the Wharf Rat--and discovered that the antique beer-engine rack formerly grandly featured at the Camden Yards location (now Pratt Street Ale House) is set up there at the end of the second bar.  Three engines out of a potential five were set up and running, with the two old ones at the bar, for an eventual potential of at least six or seven beer engines.  At that rate, it'll be real-ale supplies rather than mechanics that keep the pumps pumping.

Tonight: the Blues & Brews at the 8x10 in Federal Hill, with Clipper City and beer-friendly bands in attendance.  (I may be late--I have a party to go to at Metro Gallery first.)

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