12 August 2010

Gluten-Free Bar coming to Remington?

The Baltimore Sun's Laura Vozzella reports on an effort to establish a gluten-free bar/cafe in the Remington neighborhood:

Just how wild and crazy could the gluten-free bar scene be?
Baltimore's liquor board will ponder that question Thursday, when it reconsiders whether to grant a liquor license to a proposed gluten-free restaurant in the 100 block of 27th St. in Remington, next door to the gluten-free Sweet Sin Cupcakes and Café.
The board turned down the cafe owner's request in July after neighbors expressed concern that the operation would create a lot of noise and traffic.
But the board decided to reconsider the matter after it took a closer look at petitions submitted against the plan and noticed that "the immediate neighbors are mostly not opposed," board Chairman Stephan Fogleman told me.
 Well, one of the gluten-free options out there is mead--and the traditional "stomping grounds" of mead, renaissance festivals and "faires", have their reputations, I understand..........

UPDATE:  Approved, with conditions.  The Sun's Jessica Anderson has the story.

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