03 August 2010

Upcoming Events Around the Area

Let's start with the "new kid on the beer block, Bluegrass Tavern, which is hosting a Dogfish Head beer dinner Aug. 18th:

Please join us at Bluegrass Tavern on Wednesday, August 18th at 7:30 PM for a beer & food extravaganza featuring the beers of Dogfish Head Brewery.  Chef Patrick Morrow has tasted the beers and created a 5 course menu to showcases their exceptional craftsmanship. Reservations are Required.  $70.00 per guest, tax and gratuity is not included.
Dogfish Head Brewery Dinner
Bluegrass Tavern
August 18, 2010

First Course:
North Carolina Shrimp Presse, Kim Chi Puree
Midas Touch

Second Course:
Sahtea Cured Foie Gras Torchon,
Plum Consommé, Pickled Plums

Third Course:
Pan Roasted Duck Breast, Pommes Sardelaise,
Rhubarb Pudding
Raison d’Etre

Fourth Course:
Prime Hanger Steak, Aged Cheddar Grits,
Bordelaise Sauce
Palo Santo Marron

Fifth Course:
Blue Cheese Cheesecake
90 Minute IPA
 Next up: TBonz Grille of Ellicott City is starting up its version of the infamous occasional event at Philadelphia's Grey Lodge with its own Friday the Firkenteenth, where every Friday the 13th the place loads up with firkins.  The Grey Lodge event has gotten notoriously crowded, insane, and perhaps out of hand, resembling more an Irish pub on St. Patrick's Day according to reports and accounts I have heard/read.  Hopefully, TBonz will keep matters in check for now--it's advertising five firkins to start, including one of the upcoming Oliver's Jacob's Summer Celebration Ale.

Victoria Gastro Pub in Columbia, meanwhile, is participating in Howard County's Restaurant Week, ongoing through Aug. 8th, with its own prix-fixe menu for the week; coming up for them Aug. 11th is a Scottish Beer Dinner (hold all the comments about "Scots cuisine" being an oxymoron, as the menu will show) at $95 a person.  (No, no deep-fried Mars Bar for dessert, thank you--but a hellishly fine beer selection for the event!)  Following that is a Flying Dog Beer Brunch on August 21st and their own Dogfish Head beer dinner on Sept. 7th.

Also participating in HoCoRestWeek: Union Jack's in Columbia, somewhat British beer friendly though not as much so as Victoria....

Finally for the moment, the next meeting of the Society for Preservation of Beers from the Wood will be at 7 PM August 11th at Grand Cru, the excellent wine-and-beer bar in Belvedere Square.  Incidentally, there's an article on the SPBW's July DC pub crawl at Greg Kitsock's blog in the Washington Post.

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