17 February 2012

Max's Belgian 2012, Round Two

Alvinne Oak-aged Melchoir Calvados 11.0%:: golden and bright,  (hell, is this the right beer?),  tart and cider-like, substantial bitterness--not sure if that's the wood or something else.Order this if you're a sour beer fanatic.

de Dochter van de Korenaar Peat Oak Embrasse (and my spell-checker has just exploded) (9.0% dark ale):  This beer is all peat.  It is as over-the-top as Schlenkerla Rauchbier is "bacon beer"--the phrase that comes to mind is "drowning in a peat bog".  And I've house-sat for an Irish-Amewrican who fancied throwing an occasional hunk of peat in his fireplace, just for the aroma. Gawd almighty, I'm choking on this, and I thought I liked smoke in my beer!

Mort Subite Blanche:  After the last beer, this is a fruit punch, or a fruit cocktail!  Pale and fruity!

Alvinne Morpheus Wild w/ Blue Boskoop grapes aged in.....  5.2%  Brown, bright,

St Helene Mistinguett 6.5% blonde: hazy tripel color, sort of what I guess I imagined New Belgian Fat Tire to taste like when  I first had it in 1993-94...  but tweaked for improvement.  It's lackluster for this festival, but this would rock at your West Virginia ski resort or at the ballpark.. 

St Helene La Grognarde 5.5% Bitter:: pale, bright straw color, a good session bitter with a light Belgian touch.

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