17 February 2012

A session beer at a Belgian Fest?

de la Sene Taeas Boulba blonde IPA 4.5%:  Man, we need more of these today.  A rich, dry, grassy and hoppy beer, bold with the hops and yeast but only 4.5%.  Session mania!

T' Gaverhopke Koerseklakske 5.5% witboer with Brett:  lightest beer so far in color, initially very simple in the sips, but after swishing quite complex in mouthfeel and flavor.  Another commendable "session beer" in character--decide whether you want a referesher or a break, and drink this one.

Saint Helene Mistinguett 6.5%: yet another tasty respite from the heaviness of most export Belgians,  Light and crisp, no-nonsense goodness.

Okay, who the ^(#@ walked in wearing a boatload of scented body wash?  Throw the bastard out, dammit.

Another "sessionable" beer here:  de la Senne Taras Boulba 4.5%; another nice "light" beer in that regard....

de Glazen Toren Cuvee Angelui  whisky/pinot 8.0%: a sour-beer nose, a well-balanced whisky-and-wine palate.  Amber and bright, smoky/acidic nose, threatens a very tart beer but delivers balance.

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