19 February 2012

Support Wanted for Md. Farm Breweries

Below is a plea from one of this blog's regular readers:

I'm a regular reader of your blog and was hoping you could help me get the word out about a bill that is heading to the state Senate and House next week that will create a Class 8 Farm Brewery License.  This will allow farms to inexpensively get the right permits to begin brewing on their farm.  This bill is similar to what was previously passed to support the Maryland wine industry but this bill focuses on the production, sale, and storage of beer.

I am a hop grower with a farm in Carroll County Maryland.  I am a member of the board of the North East Hop Alliance and our expanding Maryland Chapter (Maryland Hop Growers Association) has many members who have serious plans to brew on farm.

If you think touring a vineyard just before picking season with a glass of wine is cool, wait until you are walking through Maryland's hop yards and barley fields in late August with an ice cold IPA.  

Please ask your readers to support our farms and support beer by writing to their state senator and state delegate.  

To find your state senator and delegate go here and enter your address:  http://mdelect.net/

House bill:   HB 1126 - Class 8 Farm Brewing License 
Senate bill:  SB 579 - Class 8 Farm Brewing License

Thanks for your support,
Brad Humbert


Frankie said...

I like everything he says EXCEPT "an ICE COLD IPA"????!!!! This is a hop grower!? 48 degrees maximum or those precious hops you are growing won't even be tasted!

Tongue in cheek, but in all seriousness, this seems like a good bill. Will write my congressman.

Brad@Cultivale_Farm said...

Haha I wondered if people would cringe at that statement. I assure you that when there is a keg of IPA in my cooler it is set to a whopping 50F. Bit I guiltily do enjoy the occasional store bought six pack of IPA at 36F when I'm done working in the hot sun.

Thanks for the support Frankie.

Frankie said...

My support you do have, and I will admit to an occasional (frequent?) foray outside the lines of purity/beer snobbery for a chilly IPA. We drink our beer cold in the USA, and I'm supportive of that...any sense of whether this will pass? Have any assemblymen supported it? Would be a great model for a hop farm.

Good luck! Writing my guys tonight.