11 April 2012

A Big Day For Brewing Equipment Deliveries in Central Md. UPDATED

Both Push Craft Brewing/Frisco Tap House in Columbia (top photo) and Union Craft Brewing in Baltimore's Woodberry/Clipper Mill neighborhood are taking delivery of new brewing equipment today.  Now, if only Peabody Heights Brewery in Charles Village received at least a token UPS package of/from their brewing equipment source today....

Coincidence?  Hardly. Call it yet another brewing collaboration.

"We shipped them all out on the same two trucks from San Diego to save trucking costs," said Union co-founder Jon Zerevitz.   "The fermenters are coming in from China via the Port of Baltimore, and they should be here today, too!"

Union Craft Brewing also secured its Federal TTB brewing license effective today; the brewers hope to have product rolling out the door by the end of May.

(Frisco photo from Frisco Tap House Facebook account)

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