16 November 2008

Baltimore Beer Week: What do YOU want to see?

Now comes the brainstorming.

We've announced the coming Baltimore Beer Week below--next October. About all we definitely have are the dates. We also know that the Brewers Assn. of Md. will hold its annual Oktoberfest on Saturday the 10th, and that the SPBW is slated to hold its annual Chesapeake Real Ale Festival on Oct. 17th. In theory, we can push the week to include Friday the 9th and Sunday the 18th.

What other events would you like to see?

The idea is to push the envelope as far as we can get away with. The bare minimum would be just what you'd expect: hearty participation by the brewpubs and the prime local beer bars (Max's, Mahaffey's, Ale Mary's Baltimore Taphouse, Metropolitan, Muggsy's, Grand Cru, etc.). It's fair to expect a beer dinner or three, maybe many at many venues--maybe even beer dinners at places that don't normally do beer....... Sushi and beer? Indian food and beer? Vegan food and beer? Beer and steaks? Beer and the farmers' markets? But best of all, even the smallest corner dives in the city should be persuaded to get a local-beer tap on for the week.

One of my suggestions was to do a banquet-style dinner with as many of the "pioneers" of the craft-brew renaissance as we could gather: Hugh Sisson, the British/Oxford guys, Bill Oliver, Volker Stewart, Jim Lutz, and the like. There could also be other dinners for other themes: extreme beers, vintage beers, and the like. The only problem that I forsee is that none of the surviving beer halls, with the possible exception of the under-renovation Blob's Park in Jessup, are really that suitable for a beer dinner with speakers, much as the Brickskeller in Washington D.C. has perfected over the decades. (The former Baltimore Brewing Co. would have been perfect..... *sigh*...) Soneone who shall remain unnamed floated a perfect alternative: the Baltimore Museum of Industry. It fits the theme of the venue, they have the room, and they cater events. Hmmmmm......

Anyone want to do a breweriana show? Maybe the Sunday after the Oktoberfest?

Regional homebrew expo?

Special beer for the week? Sort of on the lines of the BAM Sticke Alt they had for this year's Oktoberfest, but more for more venues. What style should it be? (Personally? I'd prefer a bottle-conditioned or cask best bitter, akin to the old original Wild Goose Amber or Snow Goose, but I have obvious prejudices....)

Come on, folks. Comment away so I can pass on your ideas! (Well, the practical ones, anyway.)


Working Mom said...

Morton's The Steakhouse in Baltimore would love to do a beer dinner or beer tasting during Baltimore beer week! Please contact me and we can schedule a meeting or a call to discuss further - cknauer@nevinspr.com or 410-568-8808.

As an aside, Morton's is hosting a Chimay beer tasting tonight. Sorry for the short notice, but thought this might be of interest.

JohnMD said...

Zion Lutheran Church in Baltimore City has a beautiful hall, the Adlersaal (Eagle's Hall) reminiscent of the old-style Germanic bier halls: lots of oak, stained glass, and a large stage. It can hold 200 people for a dinner. Note also that the first brewer in Baltimore, Daniel Barnitz, was a founding member of Zion in 1755. We have a long history of Baltimore brewers as members of our church, including the Bauernschmidts, Wiessners and Steil. We also have a historic display of these brewers with associated breweriana. Call me at 410-561-4675 for more info.