19 August 2010

TWO "Carter deregulated the beer industry" retractions down, several to go... UPDATED

I am most happy to see that Atlantic National Correspondent James Fallows, a former Jimmy Carter speechwriter, had enough scruples to revisit and retract his original promotion of the Kain essay and meme that I readily disproved in a recent blogpost..

Kudos to The Atlantic and Fallows.  Still waiting for Reason and The National Review, however......   As with fellow blogger (and Atlantic reader) Tom Hilton, I am only interested in the truth in this matter, with no political bias for or against Carter himself.

UPDATE:  My own rebuttal has been posted by Fallows, in a "last word" on the subject.  (And greetings once again to readers of Fallows and The Atlantic--feel free to stick around and explore, pester me with questions or debate, or offer to buy me a pint somewhere....) 

UPDATE II:  Mt sincere apologies to Reason Magazine/.com's Matt Welch--it turns out he promptly updated with a link to my spiel at the bottom of yet another interesting/weird "beer and the law" report within a day of my original rant.  Tip of the hat to Mr. Welch, and thanks.....

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Tom Hilton said...

Fallows is a good guy: he has tremendous integrity, he's willing to correct himself if necessary, and he's open to dialogue with his readers. I hadn't expected him to reproduce the entirety of my e-mail, but it was very generous of him to do so.

Sadly, Kain himself is still in the rationalization phase...