04 October 2011

Maryland Among Lowest Beer-Consuming States: Report

According to the Beer Institute in their Beer Capita Consumption Report (PDF, 8 pages), the average American 21 years of age and older consumed 28.9 gallons of beer in 2010. New Hampshire had the highest per capita beer consumption rate in 2010 with 44.2 gallons per person, followed closely by Montana with 41.6 gallons per person, North Dakota with 41.1, South Dakota with 38.9, and Nevada with 37.6. The states with the lowest beer consumption per capita in 2010 were Utah (19.4), Connecticut (22.1), New York, (22.6), New Jersey (23.1) and Maryland (24.1).
Mind you, that figure still amounts to just under ten cases of beer per drinking-age adult in the state.  Another surprise: California is just behind us, at #45 (26.4 gallons/adult), whereas Colorado is #23 (30.7 gallons).

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