11 October 2011

Road Closures for Saturday, and Real Ale Fest Cask Update

What, you're expecting day-by-day posts on beer tastings? Hey, it's all I can do just to keep the photos going up on the Baltimore Beer Week Flickr page!

But this public service announcement first:

The Baltimore Running Festival--both a marathon and a half-marathon--is totally guaranteed to screw up your travel plans for Saturday, if you're taking in any of the 38 BBW events in Baltimore that day.

Here's the course map.

Here's the schedule of when you can expect various parts of the route to be closed to traffic.

Want to watch the Marathon or half-marathon?  The routes go past many good, craft-beer-friendly bars and cafes in town--such as Bistro Rx next to Patterson Park--but many of the runners will pass many before normal opening times.  Best bets?  Alewife, right on the home stretch, then either a quick lunch and/or directly over to the Chesapeake Real Ale Festival over at the Pratt Street Ale House.

Speaking of the Real Ale Fest, want an updated cask list, in case you're still trying to decide whether to go or not?  Go here. And they're still not all in yet!

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