06 January 2012

Specials at Alewife

Alewife doesn't get enough "love" here, so its time for a little equal time.  From their Facebook post (with a correction or two):
TONIGHT we are putting on a gravity keg of Zehendner M√∂nchsambacher Lagerbier; it's a Keller Bier and will not be back until next year. Next week, on Wednesday we will will have a keg of the "Big D," a collaboration of Oliver and Dawson's, and on Thursday we [will serve] the ONLY keg of  "Cedar Dales" on the east coast, there is not much of it so come down give it a try and get a pint glass.
I presume the latter refers to a cedar-wood-aged Dale's Pale Ale from Oskar Blues; here's a review of a similar (identical?) cedar-aged Dale's.

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