31 May 2012

Resurrection resurrected at Resurrection Ale House for Philly Beer Week

As mentioned to me over a beer at Of Love & Regret yesterday and now highlighted further by Lew Bryson, Brewer's Art Resurrection will now be legally sold in Pennsylvania (where it is also contract-brewed for distribution at Sly Fox in Phoenixville), with a debut at a place certain to be making it a "house ale," the Resurrection Ale House in Philadelphia.  Brewery co-owner Volker Stewart will be in attendance.  This isn't the first time it's appeared, but they try not to talk too much about the first time.

This seems as good a time to make a token mention that Philly Beer Week starts tomorrow as well, though for the moment their web site appears to be repeatedly crashing from overload.  Try their Facebook page, or the Philadelphia Weekly's guide, or Philly.com's write-up.

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