23 August 2012

"Most Openly Transparent Administration Ever," My Posterior...... UPDATED

After a considerable amount of sudden publicity rehashing the somewhat old news that the White House now has a "brewery" and a homebrew recipe using honey from a beehive kept on the grounds (and you can't convince us it wasn't an attempt at distracting the media from real campaign issues), now comes the news that someone filed a Freedom of Information Act request for the homebrew recipe.  It, like virtually all such requests concerning the White House, was routinely rejected.

So now they're trying a petition.

Our personal guess:  If you thought "North American Industrial Lager" like BudMillerCoors was formulated for maximum mass appeal and least offensiveness in flavor and character, imagine a beer recipe formulated by a political campaign committee.

 UPDATE:  The White House follows through.  With something that looks suspiciously like the directions off the side of a brew-your-own kit, extract and all.  Spot the typos.

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