11 February 2009

"Aw, Screw the Guy On the Floor--Where's the Beer?!?!?"

Okay, your lives don't revolve around me.

Tonight (maybe some left over tomorrow--call before a trip): a firkin of Troeg's Nugget Nectar at Frisco Grille in Columbia.

Thursday the 12th: SPBW meets 7 PM at Red Brick Station, the Avenue at White Marsh (click at SPBW link on the right for information).
Meanwhile, back downtown, Metropolitan puts on a firkin of American Dog Ale, an American IPA from Dog Brewing of Westminster/Federal Hill.

And this weekend, of course: Belgian blowout at Max's, starting @ 11 AM Friday.

Now, if any of you enterprising chaps wants to swing by the University of Md. Medical Center, mercilessly mock my being fed with a tube up my nose, and then take an IV bag over to any of these places on my behalf...............

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