25 February 2009

Taverna Corvino, Federal Hill

Casey Hard of Max's tipped me off to a new place in Federal Hill worth our attention.

Taverna Corvino ("raven black") now occupies the former Junior's location (if you blinked, you may have missed it, and you may remember it better as the former Vespa) at 1117-1119 S. Charles St., just south of Matsuri and Mother's. It's an Italian-themed restaurant, currently going through a "Test Kitchen" phase (with signs to that effect) in lieu of a "soft opening." I stoped by before opening today and perused the bar menu, a range of appetizers in the $6-$9 range, as well as cheese plates (three cheeses $11); dinners reportedly hover around $16-25. The owner, Bian McComas, also owns Ryleigh's Oyster Bar, the former Sisson's brewpub around the corner.

But we want to know about the beer, right? The beer selection is thus far all bottles (and a can or two), ranging from Guinness and Grolsch to a Unibroue selection to Fullers and Duvel to Italian mainstreams like Peroni and Moretti. As I started nosing about, the management eagerly pulled out two new bottles: Almond 22 Torbata, an old ale spiced with orange peel and honey, and Genziana, a saison-style brewed with gentian and coriander.

Their official opening is March 3rd; stop in this weekend and give them your feedback.

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