13 February 2009

An Obama Beer Shut Down

The Brownstoner blog out of Brooklyn (New York, not Maryland) reports that the Sixpoint Ales brewery there is reporting that the Feds have shut down distribution of their "Hop Obama" beer, mentioned in my Mid-Atlantic Brewing News article in the current issue.

Quote from brewery in comments:

The Feds ordered us to shut down the production of the beer, but they certainly didn't raid us with guns and teargas like this post makes it sound.

They sent a TTB rep down to the facility, and then later followed up with someone from the Dept of Homeland Security to make sure we weren't doing anything funny. A cease and desist order was given, and we were required to surrender our labeling license and destroy all product that may have been in inventory.

The point is there will be no more Hop Obama as the Feds have officially put the kabosh on it - its over.

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