20 February 2009

Singles Banned In (parts of) D.C.; Might Baltimore Be Next?

The Washington City Paper has an article on a new D.C. law that effectively bans sales of single beers in some jurisdictions.

Intended aim: blocking sales of "40-ouncers" of cheap booze to folks who then piddle in alleys and garden pots.

Unintended consequence: effectively banning the sale of Belgian beers, 22-ounce "bombers" of craft beer, and "big" beers like Thomas Hardy's, Dogfish Head's bigger beers, Flying Dog's Wild Dog beers, etc.

“I think it is a terrible policy no matter which way you slice it, but unfortunately all too typical of DC politics—a broad, superficial gesture aimed at a deep infrastructural problem,” wrote a member of the Beer Advocate board last month.
Could this happen in Baltimore? If we're not careful. We may be extremely lucky in that we have a local liquor board chairman who is a certified beer geek and has his name on a stool at one of the local great beer bars, but that does little if bigger politicians get bees in their bonnets. Be ready to oppose.

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