28 December 2009

Beer Perfume? Well, Not Quite........

I just saw a TV "news" report from Seattle, broadcast on local NBC affiliate WBAL-DT's noon news, depicting a new "beer perfume."  A quick online search revealed many other news/"news" outlets repeating the story verbatim.

"Beer perfume"?  Not quite.

The product is a joint project between Blue Marble Energy, a "Seattle-based company utilizing hybridized bacterial consortia to produce specialty biochemicals and renewable biogas", and Sweet Anthem, a Seattle perfume boutique specializing in vegan perfume products. 

The perfume in question, Eos, available in both male and female fragrances, claims to be the only commercial perfume products not using petroleum products in its production: 
EOS is petrochemical-free, containing only bioderived and organic materials. And best of all, EOS is carbon neutral. The EOS line features a special selection of Blue Marble Energy’s bioester fragrances as the top note, carefully blended with Sweet Anthem’s custom heart notes and low notes. The Blue Marble Energy bioesters used in both EOS fragrances are derived from certified organic brewery grain. All other ingredients are locally sourced from the most reputable distributers [sic] of organic, sustainable, or wild harvested materials.

And no, it doesn't smell like beer.  Or hops, for that matter--though Hop Union was passing around a hop-based  cologne some years back.......  or there's this from the UK.....

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