02 December 2009

Do You Have a "Regular" Beer?

A poll to the right for readers of this blog (and non-readers, if you want to read this to a friend or blind beer drinker):

Do you have a routine "regular" beer in your life?  Either a favorite or a "go-to" beer that is regular in your life?  Do you always have a case of Clipper City Heavy Seas Loose Cannon or Wild Goose IPA in your cellar, or a six-pack of The Raven or Victory Prima Pils in your fridge?  Are you constantly filling a growler of DuClaw Misfit Red or Olivers ESB every week?  Do you have a standing order for a sixtel or keg of such a beer for your kegerator?  Do you get cantankerous if the level of Brewers Art Resurrection in your blood gets low?

If not:  Why not?

Homebrewers:  Are you brewing the same recipe routinely, or are you constantly trying new things?

The one most popular question I get asked when people find I write and blog about beer is "what's your favorite beer?"  I always refuse to answer, for three reasons: One I at least attempt to maintain a diplomatic sense of neutrality as a reporter on the scene; two, we have to recognize what what I may like in a beer (maltier, balanced English-style ales) may not be what the extreme-beer fanatic or hophead has in mind; and three, being in this incredibly rich, sophisticated, and diversified market, I have such an embarrassment of riches to choose from that it's embarrassing and pathetic to even think of winnowing such a list down to a Top 25.   Plus, variety being the spice of life and all that, I can't imagine a situation where I'd want an entire sixtel, let alone a half-keg or keg, of any specific beer, even a "holy grail" such as Thomas Hardy's, J.W. Lees Harvest Ale, Samichlaus, New Glarus Belgian Red or Raspberry Tart, or anything, unless I can invite about 50 fans to share it with me--and isn't that really the point of a beer festival, after all?


The Oriole Way said...

My wife and I play a fun game every 6 months or so where we try to name our "Ultimate 6-Pack". Of course, this is nearly impossible and changes with the winds, but it does make for a fun discussion. I think my most recent one included these beers:

Clipper City Loose Cannon
Troeg's Hopback Amber
Boulder Beer Cold Hop
Bridgeport Fresh Hop
Stoudt's Oktoberfest
Blue Mountain Full Nelson Pale Ale

Mmmmmm... Hops.

Jay Zeis said...

My regular beer is the next one. Different day, different mood, so I try to keep an assortment of beers in my cellar (aka box under the table). I try to keep a belgian golden ale, belgian dark ale, pale ale, stout/porter and lager in the box at all times, so when I am thirsty, it can go into the fridge to make me happy.

Do I need to have one specific beer, no. But when gathering with friends, there are certain beers that we drink more of, Yuengling, Guinness, HopDevil, 60 Min IPA and Sierra Nevada PA come to mind. These beers are easy to get, cheaper, and everyone will drink them. The Trifecta of buying a round of beers for the guys.

Wanderer said...

I feel like regular beer depends a lot on the weather/season, what mood I'm in, and what the context is (with dinner, with friends, watching tv, etc.)

That said, I feel pretty strongly like you can never go wrong with Yuengling.

Caederus said...

Thinking about it I do have a "regular" beer I brew. I brew my English Mild about 3 times a year, which makes it the front runner. I give about 1/2 away to friends and relatives so that's about 3 cases for me per year. Next closest would be my Belgian pale ale at about 1.5 cases per year. Others drop down to the sub case per year.

For Commercial beer there are the must have on hand beer. Three Philosophers, Resurrection, a Tripple. Others are a buy as needed due to limited shelf life.