26 December 2009

Vintage Notes: 2002 Anchor Our Special Ale

Pours a deep, bright chocolately porter colour, with rich but short-lasting head.  Bottle was filled almost to the top with as little headspace as I've ever seen in a commercial bottle.  Nose, oddly, is more akin to oriental spices than traditional brewing or pastry spices. 

This one is drier than current fresh Anchor OSAs, but has a certain full mouthfeel and richness of flavor that hearkens back to spiced, not-overly-sweetened Mexican chocolate sans vanilla.  It also packs a subtle hint of smokiness and peppery flavor, reminding me vaguely of the hugely smoky Lapsang Souchang tea blend.    Finish has a light plum fruitiness.

This is by far the nicest of the "aged Anchor OSAs" I've tried.  The flavor mutates just enough to be different without losing essential qualities of the original.  Well done.  Good thing I have two more bottles.

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