17 March 2011

Stout-Baked Cupcakes?

(Found this a couple days ago, lost it/got sidetracked, and found it again....)

A cupcake shop in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware is selling cupcakes laced with stout:

The $3 cupcakes come in three varieties -- Guinness, Dogfish Head World Wide Stout, and Irish I Had Another, which features Guinness and a Jameson Irish Whiskey chocolate ganache. All three have a green frosting for St. Pat's made with Baileys Irish Cream.
They can afford to use Dogfish Head World Wide Stout?

Seems that we'd do better adapting Heavy Seas' Siren Noire chocolate cake recipe--which isn't yet up at Heavy Seas' recipe page............


BeerBrarian said...

You'll have to travel to get these, but: http://pubcakes.com/PubCakes/Home.html

joeboe said...

Inspired by one of my wife's magazines (Better Homes and Gardens?) I made chocolate stout floats for SPD. Flavors mix best if you let the ice cream soften up a bit. We used Breyer's dark chocolate, Hershey's syrup, and Heavy Seas Chocolate Stout. Just drizzle syrup on a pint glass, add a scoop of ice cream and pour stout over it. Worth the effort!

Joe H.
Stevensville, MD