03 March 2011

What it Takes to Relocate Evolution To Maryland

What does it take to relocate Evolution from Delaware back to its originally planned Wicomico County, Md. home?

State legislation to alter Wicomico County liquor laws, apparently.

An article in today's Salisbury Daily Times details the many projects and holdings of the Knorr brothers, founders of Evolution Craft Brewing, and their original plans to establish a brewpub in the Salisbury passenger railroad station (ex-PRR), as well as their intention to relocate to a former ice-making plant in Salisbury from the former IGA supermarket in Delmar, Delaware.  But, of course, alcohol regulation is so detailed and complex that a minor change has to be made at the state level to allow it to happen.

(And, of course, the comments to the story already are alleging political cronyism.)

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Andrew said...

Six of the seven comments are in favor of the brewery and are alleging political incompetence. One is alleging political cronyism.