06 April 2011

Another take on the new proposed alcohol taxes

Catonsville Patch: 

Baltimore County (and also Montgomery County, home of the county-controlled liquor stores) will pay among the most into the revenue from the new proposed alcohol taxes, while garnering almost nothing in return.

A number of Democratic and Republican delegates said they were concerned with seeing so much of the proposed tax increase on alcohol go to Baltimore City and Prince George's County.
"If you look at the overall budget, Baltimore City and Prince George's County will be receiving the lion's share of money from capital projects ... Baltimore City is the only one of all the municipalities to get highway user funds," said Del. Susan Aumann, a Republican. "It's just another greedy grab from them and I'm totally against it."
"I would also add to that, and the members of (the House Government Operations Committee) can remember when we voted for legislation to give $25 million each year to Prince George's County Hospital, because it was the right thing to do," said Del. Eric Bromwell, a Perry Hall Democrat. "This is not the right thing to do."

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