11 April 2011

Hey, Folks! Another Wonderful Round of Microbrew Musical Chairs!

The craft-brewing and brewpub world is full of folks drifting from one brewery to another, usually brewers.  For a variety of reasons (among them low pay or low hours, grueling conditions, lack of variety in brewing, or even something like the location of a girlfriend), brewers in craft brewing have tended to play a huge game of "musical chairs," wandering about from pub to pub or from brewery to brewery in search of a comfortable fit or a pay raise.  Thiose with longer memories will remember that both Barrett Lauer (of District Chophouse in D.C.) and Jason Oliver (now of Devil's backbone in Virginia) both started at the Wharf Rat brewpub in Baltimore.

Now it's stretching to the marketing field.

Not long after former Wild Goose (and later Flying Dog/Wild Goose) marketing alumnae Jim Lutz departed Flying Dog to return to the Eastern Shore (well, in a sense, at least) by rejoining Coastal Brewing, the joint Fordham/Old Dominion brewing operation in Dover, Delaware............

...... comes word that Joe Gold, co-founder and spiritual head of Baltimore Beer Week (along with a resume that includes the Wharf Rat, Max's, various real ale festivals, and the Society for Preservation of Beers from the Wood), has now departed his sales position at Victory Brewing of Downingtown, Pa. to join up with the "home team," Heavy Seas Beer as their national sales manager.  (Press release still in the works, I'm told.)

Further comes word that Brad Klipner, the creator of the second/other "Beer in Baltimore" blog, has been named a market manager for the aforementioned Coastal Brewing.

(Both news items above from Yours for Good Fermentables.)

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