11 April 2011

Typo of the Day

In an otherwise intriguing "pub-crawl" article in AOL's Travel section on five bars in Baltimore (emphasis added):

My first landing spot was The Wharf Rat in Fells Point, and it didn't disappoint. This late sixteenth-century pub immediately reminded me of some of the eclectic pubs I visited while in Oxford and London recently.
In other words, late 1500s.  Meaning that some Spaniards came up from St. Augustine, Florida and beat the Pilgrims and Virginians to the waterfront, I guess.

And I thought the old claims about The Horse You Came In On dating from "1775" were preposterous.

(For the record, Bill Oliver told me a while back that the earliest that they have been able to document his Ann Street location being a bar was in the 1861-63 time frame, when two houses were combined into a live-above bar for the benefit of a widow.  Potentially, that could still makes it the oldest functioning bar location in Fells Point, if not the city.)

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