03 November 2011

International Stout Day?

Apparently it's supposed to be International Stout Day.

This writer first heard of this promotional effort through an Oct. 27th "Media Alert" press release--which came close to a "Press Release We Never Finished Reading" at first--from O Communications, marketing on behalf of Carlow Brewing and O'Hara's Irish Stout.  However, by word of mouth, it appears to have spread as a marketing concept here and there.

The Pratt Street Ale House, for example, is offering $3.00 Bishop's Breakfast pints, both cask and draft, and $3.00 Snifters of Bishop's Indulgence.  Alonso's, meanwhile, is offering North Coast Old Rasputin, Lancaster Milk Stout, Young's Double Chocolate Stout, Guinness, Sam Smith Oatmeal Stout, and Crispin Landsdowne ("I know it's a stretch, but it is brewed with stout yeast!").  Alewife Baltimore is promoting Old Rasputin, Rogue Shakespeare, Green Flash Double Stout, and Stone Imperial Russian 10th Anniversary and Belgo.  Meanwhile, Dogfish Head is holding a number of events, including debuting a "brewpub exclusive" in Rehoboth Beach, Count Chocula.

Possibly the most interesting offering?  The Maryland debut of Leinenkugel's specialty "Big Eddy" line at the namesake Beer Garden at the Power Plant Live, which happens to be starting off with a 10% Russian Imperial Stout, tapped yesterday.  RateBeer gives it high marks, BeerAdvocate not as high.

My interesting question:  How long before savvy (or obnoxious) marketers start up more "official" beer-style days?  Red Ale Day (May Day for the "revolution"?)?  Imperial IPA Day?  Saison Day?  Wood-Aged Sour Ale Day?  "Beerjoulais Nouveau" Day??  Heck, with the explosion or inflation of beer styles judged at the Great American Beer Festival, soon every other day would be a different "beer day," and dilute their collective impact and attention accordingly, ultimately defeating the purposes of such "events."

Don't get me wrong.  I'm all for marketing, and for places finding or creating "excuses" to pay attention to their projects.  Many brewpubs mark their official birthdays (it's coincidence that one of my favorite brewpubs shares my birthdate, and marks the occasion annually), or hold cask ale events (every Friday the 13th at the Grey Lodge in Philly, for example).  But, as with the style guidelines/categories at the GABF or in the BJCP, never underestimate the ability of a good thing to run amok.

And now I get a press release that this weekend is "Learn to Homebrew Day"--or so says the American Homebrewers Association...........

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