13 June 2012

Baltimore Sun reviews Dempsey's "Brewpub"

They (well, the free-lancer) found everything satisfactory except the beer.

Considering that the beer preparation system is an oversized version of the "no boiling necessary! Just stir in the extract, add yeast, and wait!" Mr. Beer "homebrew" kit......  why am I not surprised?


JohnM. said...

"On non-game days and when the Orioles aren't in town, Dempsey's is open to the public. Judging by the crowd — or lack thereof — during our recent visit, the public doesn't know that yet."

It seems to me that a more plausible explanation, is that most of the local public aren't crazy.

Other than the dessert items, the food at Dempsy's seems pedestrian at best (the Sun reviewer gives the food 3 stars, but then again, it's a Sun reviewer; they think the local subway is a 3 star restaurant), and the prices look like your typical stadium "outrageously high." Also, it's not as if Dempsy's is the only game in town (no pun intended); why would I (or anyone else) want to visit Dempsy's given all the other superior options in the area.

If I'm stuck with all the usual stadium food and drink options during an O's game, then I guess Dempsy's might interest me. Otherwise... not so much.

thecheeseisblue said...

we went during a game, the food was actually a step above pub grub and much better than expected. prices were much lower than expected. dinner for two adults and two toddlers was under $40, which is somewhat hard to do at some "casual" low rent joints like Chipotle. We didn't try the beer, not because i wasn't interested, but because our waitress never came back...got my microbrew later in the usual spot.