18 June 2012

Peabody Heights Brewing Takes First Deliveries Of Brewing Equipment

 Just how full CAN you cram a truck, anyway?

The first of several truckloads of the barely-used 30-barrel brewhouse system from British Columbia was unloaded at the future Raven Beer/Peabody Heights brewery in "lower Waverly" on Friday.  They're hoping to be in production by September, and company president Stephen Demczuk reports that a few other companies are already inquiring about contract production, including a southeastern Pennsylvania brewery.....
 In spite of appearances, that mash tun DID fit in that truck, although they had to move the trailer to find a doorway wide enough to get it out!

 As can be seen in the background, there's plenty of room in the brewery for expansion.

The brew kettle.  Also in the truck was a bottler and 300+ kegs.......  and this was just the first truck.

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