22 September 2010

Baltimore Beer Week 2010: 160 events and counting.....

The schedule at the Baltimore Beer Week website events calendar continues to fill up--at this point, new events are being added several times daily.  At the moment, we're at 158 160 181 events and counting.

This might be behind last year's aggressive numbers--last year at this time, we had 332 "events" listed, but that reflected the first year's policy (now changed) of listing a ten-day-long beer special at certain places as an event each day, along with many, many more "beer tastings" at liquor stores than this year.  Undoubtedly, the bar has been set much higher this year, and the quality of events this year is hardly anything to dismiss--in fact, it's probably far higher, what with a higher capacity at the Opening Tap at the Baltimore Museum of Industry, more and better exceptional events, and more "homegrown" events not driven by industry folks.

A "sampler rack" of events besides the "Featured Events" here:

The very first event by default:  Duda's Tavern opens at 11 AM Thursday the 7th, with "daily specials"--last year, they presented superlative German-style menu specials along with their beer specials, and that turned out to be one of the "sleeper" hits of the week.  Please check out the chalkboard at Duda's if you're in the neighborhood, and plan on a lunch or dinner there.  (Yeah, Max's and a copuple other places open at 11 a.m. that day, too...)

Thursday the 7th, 5-7 at Metropolitan: Scottish Happy Hour, featuring Bruce Williams of Scotland's Williams Bros. Brewery (brewers of Fraoch Heather Ale), and his Scottish Session Ale, Scottish Heavy Ale, Joker IPA and Midnight Sun Porter.  Followed by a Flying Dog firkin and drafts, and arts and crafts 9-11 (see?  One place, one date, three events...............)  and a German beer breakfast the next morning (geez, Bruce D., do you ever SLEEP?)

All Beer Week: a Kegerator raffle at T-Bonz in Ellicott City/Columbia,complete with a full keg of their house beer.

A Championship Series at Frisco Grille in Columbia--see here for an explanation .....

Friday the 8th: Phillips Harborplace Brewfest, Charitably Charmin ChiliBrew, Too, and more.

Saturday the 9th: The Oktoberfest, of course, plus Tap Handles & Homebrew, Made in Baltimore at Mark Supik & Co. in Highlandtown.

Sunday the 10th:  Flying Dog has a charity benefit tailgate in the morning before the Ravens game at (and benefiting) the BARCS animal shelter on Stockholm Street (across the RR tracks from the Stadium, almost underneath the Light Rail bridge).  Jam session Hootenanny and Victory cask at Bertha's (re-birth-place of cask ale in Baltimore) in the evening (hey, Monday's a holiday, remember?).  Urban Pirates Beer Cruise with Heavy Seas Beer as well.

Monday: Another beer breakfast at Metropolitan, "History of Baltimore beer" luncheon at Bertha's, Troeg's beer and cheeses at Grand Cru, Pyrate Pub Crawl of Fells Point (six bars), and Beer Trivia at Metropolitan.

Tuesday: Beer Trivia at Wharf Rat, Judge your Troeg's JavaHead Stout (3 ways) at the Judge's Bench, Beer Dinner at T-Bonz, Unibroue Beer Dinner at Metropolitan.

Wednesday:  What?  Another beer breakfast at Metropolitan?  Breweriana swap meet happy hour at Grand Cru, Heavy Seas firkins at Mahaffey's, Baltimore Brewing Co. mug club reunion at Blue Hill Tavern in Highlandtown, Beer & Baltimore Trivia at T-Bonz, Shantey Sing-Along at Wharf Rat, Meet the Weyerbacher Brewer at Judge's Bench, and more............

MUCH more of this to come when I have more time............  oops, they just added another event.........

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