10 November 2010

You, Too, Can Spend Too Much For "Beer"!

Hey, you!  Yes, you!

Got more money than sense?  Feeling desperate to buy your share of one of the greatest beer publicity stunts of all time?  Do you perceive your life to be incomplete until you personally partake of beers that (briefly) held the records for strongest "beers" sold?

Yes, now you, too, can spend too much for a spectacular gimmick beer.  Legally, to boot.

A very limited number of bottles of BrewDog's Tactical Nuclear Penguin and Sink the Bismarck!--500 bottles of each, according to the brewery--have been shipped to the United States for commercial sale, including a select few spotted in the central Maryland area.  The suggested retail price is approximately $80 for the TNP and $110 for STB--plus sales tax.

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stevejones said...

All the hype aside, the TNP is a wonderful beer, way out of my price range unfortunately but probably worth sharing the price of a bottle with a few friends ... let's face it, you only need a couple of ounces of it!

JohnM. said...

@ Steve Jones

Sorry Steve, I can't agree with you on this one. While I have little doubt that the TNP is indeed a fine beer, $80 for a 12 ounce bottle is just stupid (in my humble opinion). Of course this is America and people can do whatever they want (prices for Black Tuesday on Ebay aren't all that much lower), but I feel very strongly that we should not be encouraging this sort of behavior (silly me, I also think stuffing a bottle of beer in a rodent doesn't justify a $700 or $800 price tag either). In any event, it is my fervent hope that Brewdog is unable to sell any TNP or STB here in the US (though of course I realize he probably will).

Nothing against Brewdog by the way. I feel exactly the same about bottles of Utopia from Sam Adams.

Brad said...

Source on this BrewDog availability and pricing?! ;)

And yes, $80-$100 for 12 oz of beer is ridiculous. No matter how good it is (and for the record, I thought both were very good)

I just spent $100 this weekend at a super secret location and walked away with bottles of '99, '01 and '03 Le Coq Imperial Extra Double Stout, Weyerbacher Twelve, '07 Choklat, '08 Ted Fidy, '07 Smuttynose barleywine, '05 Victory Storm King Stout, '05 Victory Old Horizontal, '04-'06 Brooklyn Monster barleywine, '07 Nogne Imperial Stout, '08 Nogne #100 and more that I can't even remember... all for less than $100. So, all of the beers above.. or a bottle of TNP or StB? Hmmm.

Brad said...

I *will* however, admit to recently importing a bottle of this BrewDog AB04 (Abstrakt vol. 4) for roughly $20 -

Much more reasonable and hopefully, just as good of a beer. Only difference being, I can finish off an entire bottle in one sitting.

Alexander D. Mitchell IV said...

Brad: First was told by Steve Jones, then I did a bit of online research. And Bruce Williams mentioned it in passing in an e-mail. Dunno who's carrying it, don't care, either.

Your "super secret" location sounds as good as the place where I copped a solid case of Thomas Hardy's 1998 and 1999 and a couple Sinebrychoffs and Carnegies for less than $50.

JohnM. said...

Speaking of good deals...

Not sure how much longer this will last, but at present Max's is running a special on Goose Island Night Stalker RIS. Price is $5 and includes tax (price is the same whether you consume it on premise or take it home).

I assume this beer is now close to a year old, and the last bottle I had (roughly a month ago) was incredible.