18 February 2009

Beer Shipped by Rail--at Last!

Forwarded by a railroad friend. North Coast Brewing is, of course, the brewer of Old No. 38 Stout, with a steam locomotive chugging off the label (supposedly modeled after California Western 45, a steam locomotive on the Fort Bragg-based tourist line):

Source: NJ Biz
Craft Beer has arrived by Rail to the East Coast

SADDLE BROOK, NEW JERSEY - Imagine a world where Craft Beer could be transported by railroad to the East Coast. Thanks to LAK Warehouse, Inc. and North Coast Brewing, it has been done.

With a simple idea from George Fisher, Steve Krawczuk and Doug Moody came up with a cost-cutting idea that at the same time keeps the East Coast supplied with North Coast products. This is the first time a pair of smaller companies put together a plan to compete like the big companies. By loading a train car full of beer and sending it via rail direct to LAK Warehouse, shipping costs are dramatically lowered (1 box car holds 4 trailer loads of product) and there are no additional costs since LAK Warehouse has rail siding at their facility making the product go from the rail car right into the warehouse. All these services can be tailored to individual needs.

With LAK's customer base, adding North Coast to their portfolio was a "no-brainer". Since North Coast Brewing's East Coast Customers already pick up product at LAK Warehouse, it is easier and more cost effective for the distributors to consolidate with other suppliers at LAK Warehouse. End result - North Coast keeps stock at LAK Warehouse so East Coast distributors have easier access to the product. Imagining a world where Craft Beer could be transported by railroad to the East Coast is no longer a dream.

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