18 February 2009

Blogger up--kinda.............

Update: I got back home late yesterday.

First order of business--covering a beer event in Inner Harbor (Clipper City celebrating its roles in the new movie "She's Just Not That Into You").

Second order of business: Showing up at Max's Tuesday beer social, slamming down an IV bag and saying "Fill 'er up!" Only one of the regular bar staff was there, however, to get the joke, as the usual guys were all recuperating from the long, hard weekend.

Third, and longest, task: recuperation. Still eating timidly and slowly, a low-fat diet (as Garfield will point out, "diet" is "Die" with a "t", though I always called it the penalty for exceeding the feed limit), and no booze for the time being, orally OR intravenously.

Ironically, today I received a call asking if I wanted to renew my subscription to "Brew Your Own" magazine. They were most gracious when I explained my excuse.

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